Marchioness Musical Pass


The Marchioness Musical Pass takes us back to the 19th century with her costumes and staging, where we are accompanied by the Marchioness and the soprano, along with the musicians and their piano, violin, and cello instruments.

The marquise is the center of union between living rooms. In each living room there is a different instrument and that is the essence of the pass.

It is musical history through time with ancient instruments and tunings from other times. According to the instrument is the tuning and the composer of the piece that is played so that it transports you back in time.

The musical history tour begins with the Baroque Renaissance and ends with film music or music from the 60s or 80s. A wide musical pass with a spectacular tour that makes you enjoy the music of each era.

The Musical Pass of the Marchioness has zarzuela, opera, theater and silent movies where the Marchioness and all the musicians who accompany her perform..

Come live different eras through music.